SAWAA | 真絲眼罩



SAWAA 真絲眼罩 

  • 100%桑蠶絲, 觸感絲滑舒適 柔軟順滑
  • 保護眼睛脆弱肌膚,提供全方位良好睡眠
  • 完全阻隔外來光線,給你一個甜睡美夢


SAWAA  Pure Silk Sleep Mask

  • Made from 100% mulberry silk, this material offers a smooth and comfortable touch.
  • It is soft and silky, providing a gentle and smooth sensation and it protects fragile skin around the eyes and ensures a good night's sleep from every angle.
  • It completely blocks out external light, giving you a sweet and dreamy sleep experience.