SAWAA | 面部按摩玉石


SAWAA Massage Stone
    •  材質:玉石
    •  作用:按摩臉部幫助放鬆、去除水腫及加速精華吸收。
    •  適用 :所有膚質
    •  使用方法:可搭配面膜、精華或乳霜使用,持續按摩臉部5-10分鐘,使肌膚達到舒緩及保養吸收之效果。

    Product Features

    • Also known as golden kelp, laminaria ochroleuca live in nutrient-rich tidal zones. They absorb nutrients from the ocean and, exposed to the sun during tidal cycles, they contain natural sun-resistant properties.
    • The essence of laminaria ochroleuca is highly moisturizing while seaweed and vitamin E have excellent antioxidant properties.
    • Long-term use effectively increases lips’ natural defenses and protects against sun, wind, and cold damage.

    N.W. 1.7g

    Product Highlights

    • Golden kelp extract for long-lasting hydration.
    • A variety of vitamins for gentle lip protection.
    • Lips are deeply moisturized for maximum softness and elasticity.