SAWAA | 月光海|深層滋養潤髮乳 500ML



月光海|深層滋養潤髮乳 500ML

Vitaoil Plus富含7種植物油,包含向日葵油、椰子油、亞麻籽油、酪梨油、橄欖油、澳洲堅果油、摩洛哥堅果油,與維生素E、水解小麥蛋白協作,深入髮芯幫助修護,使髮質保有強韌彈性,減少掉髮機率。

CrodabondTM CSA與蠶絲蛋白是保濕且滋養的成分,使髮絲滑順、不打結,並有效改善分岔及易斷髮質之困擾。


  • 專利CSA配方由100%天然衍生物製成專門針對染燙後受損毛鱗片,修護末端分岔問題並提升秀髮光澤
  • 仿胜肽環境友善專利成分,持續使用能夠加強恢復自然原生髮色,使髮色更均勻健康
  • 七合一複方植物油有效調理頭髮結構增加髮絲緊實度,減少掉髮與髮量少之困擾
  • 高效複合氨基酸,能持續保濕與改善髮尾乾澀,使秀髮保持年輕彈力。



Moonlit Sea|Deep Moisturizing Conditioner 500ml

Vitaoil Plus is rich in 7 kinds of vegetable oils, including sunflower oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, argan oil, and vitamin E and hydrolyzed wheat protein, which can penetrate deep into the hair core to help repair, Make hair strong and elastic, reduce the chance of hair loss.
CrodabondTM CSA and silk protein are moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, making hair smooth and tangle-free, and effectively improving the problems of split ends and easy breakage.
SilverfreeTM patented imitation peptide ingredients can correct natural hair color, reduce gray hair and fading, and make hair look more radiant.

  • The patented CSA formula is made of 100% natural derivatives, specially targeting the damaged cuticles after dyeing and ironing, repairing the problem of split ends and improving hair luster
  • Peptide-like environment-friendly patented ingredients, continuous use can strengthen and restore natural hair color, making hair color more even and healthy
  • The 7-in-1 compound vegetable oil can effectively regulate the hair structure, increase the firmness of the hair, and reduce the problems of hair loss and volume
  • High-efficiency compound amino acids can continuously moisturize and improve dryness of hair ends, keeping hair youthful and elastic.