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Gua Sha Tool
刮痧美膚板 | 紫水晶 /  東稜玉



  • 刮痧美膚板-紫水晶 Gua Sha Amethyst 
  • 刮痧美膚板-東稜玉 Gua Sha Adventurine
    能鎮定安神,緩和脾氣暴躁, 有效舒緩失眠,使睡眠品質提升,亦能令人保持理性冷靜。




⚠️ 本產品為易碎材質,請勿重摔。
⚠️ 刮痧美孚板皆為天然礦石材質打磨,每只礦石紋路,透度都是獨一無二,或有冰裂紋、斑點、棉絮或雲霧,無法達到完美無瑕。

尺寸:約 8 x 5 cm

物料:東菱玉 / 紫水晶




Gua Sha facial massage stone takes on the traditional beauty ritual in which the skin is scraped to release impurities and toxins. Involving the technique of pulling the massage stone across the skin with appropriate pressure, it helps de-puff and rejuvenate skin, diminish signs of aging and leave behind a youthful, well-rested glow.

Get into your beauty routine together with this Facial Massage Tool and our lymphatic drainage body oil, delight in a soothing, meditative, and luxurious experience. 

Product info:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Reduce puffiness, smooth skin, and firm facial muscles
  • Aid lymphatic drainage to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulate blood circulation to improve skin tone and coloration
  • Size: Approx. length 8cm x width 5cm


  • Apply a facial oil to freshly cleansed skin
  • Use the tool to gently brush your neck, spine, and hairline in upward and downward movements, before moving along the chin, cheeks, and eye area
  • For best results, use morning or night for up to 15 minutes and clean thoroughly after each use.


  • Crystal is a naturally occurring substance from earth. No two crystals will be identical in colour, transparency, or marbling pattern which make the crystal more unique.
  • Fragile material, please do not fall heavily.