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Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser




|材質| 實木、玻璃
|重量| 350G
|電壓| AC100V - AC 240V
|電力|1.2 - 6W
|頻率|50HZ / 60HZ
|適用空間| 室內約20至40平方米 


  • 請勿把精油沾到矽膠出氣口及木底座。
  • 請勿在浴室或濕氣重的地方使用。
  • 如果插頭或底座有奇怪的味道、聲音或異常升溫,請關掉按鈕並拔掉插頭。
  • 當不使用時,請拔掉插頭。
  • 拔出玻璃霧化瓶時請輕輕旋轉並往上拔出,避免損壞。
  • 請最少一個月清洗一次霧化瓶,避免堵塞。


  • 請使用純天然植物精油或專用芳療擴香精油。
  • 注意精油水位不要高過霧化導管的最高位。
  • 如要更換精油,請用酒精清洗乾淨並待乾透後方可更換新精油。
  • 請勿使用較濃的精油(如安息香、沒藥、檀香等),若要使用請先稀釋。


Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser

Drop the essential oil into the diffuser. Diffusing the natural components of aromatic essential oil through atomization by the principle of oscillating gas atomization without adding water and heating. The fragrance not only last for a long time, but it also has a wide range of diffusion. It is the most natural diffused method that allows the body to absorb the fragrance of essential oils. Highly recommended by European and American aromatherapists and thoracic physicians. It is also recognized by the British Aromatherapy Association (IFA) and the European Ecological Organization Association (ECO-CERT).

|Material| Solid wood, glass
|Weight| 350G
|Voltage| AC100V-AC 240V
|Frequency|50HZ / 60HZ
|Applicable space| Indoor about 20-40 square meters

About the Diffuser:

  • Don't get essential oils on the silicone air outlet and wooden base.
  • Don't use in bathroon / places with heavy humidity
  • If the plug / base has a strange smell / sound / abnormal temperature rise, please turn off the button and unplug the plug.
  • When you are not using the diffuser, unplug the plug please.
  • When pulling out the glass atomizing bottle, please rotate it and pull it up to avoid damage.
  • Clean the atomization bottle at least once a month to avoid clogging.

About the Essential Oil

  • Please use pure natural plant essential oils or special aromatherapy diffuser essential oils.
  • Note that the essential oil level should not be higher than the highest point of the atomization tube.
  • If you want to replace the essential oil, please wash it with alcohol and wait until it is completely dry before you can replace the new essential oil.
  • Don't use thick essential oils (such as benzoin, myrrh, sandalwood, etc.). If you want to use it, please dilute it first.